The Run for Water

On Friday, March 25, the Wakpala community of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe gathered together in "The Run for Water" organized by Bobbi Three Legs.

With blue skies and sunshine overhead, it was easy for the people to remember why they were running: to preserve life. That is, to preserve water which the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline seriously threatens. 

With a total of 35 runners, young and old, 10 walkers and 4 riders on horseback on an 11.1 mile stretch, the Wakpala community had a good turnout on Friday. Such a turnout is to be expected, however, since people around the country everywhere are waking up to the gravity of the word "pipeline".

With the fairly recent rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline, the dangers posed by the Dakota Access Pipeline are neither surprising nor difficult to understand. The peaceful Run for Water on Friday reminds people around the country (natives and non-natives, city folk and rural, young and old) just where water comes from and exactly what threatens it. As it stands currently, the Dakota Access Pipeline threatens the U.S. farming and drinking water used by millions (a number which does not include the future generations...).

"We Do Not Inherent the Earth from our Ancestors; We Borrow it from Our Children."

#WaterOverOil #noDAP #PeopleOverPipelines